Unscripted Sessions

Join us for Unscripted: Real Conversations on the Hottest Topics in School Business
on Thursday, April 25, 2024 from 8:00am - 9:30am in Utopia A-D.

Earn credit while you join roundtable discussions of your choice and learn from subject matter experts during this rotating session!

Ask the Auditors

Ever wonder why your auditors ask you questions about protocols for check disbursement? Or perhaps, why you have to create a new account for a grant? GASB 87 Questions? Take advantage of this opportunity to ask this panel all types of auditing questions.

Discussions on Cash Management, Investments & Debt Management
Cash Management
Discuss all your questions on cash management, investments and debt management with school finance experts.

Effectively Communicating From the Top: Creating Cascades of Information
This opportunity will discuss ideas on passing along a message "from the top" and communicating to multiple recipients in a sequential or successive manner — creating a chain or "cascade" of communication.

Food Service RFPs: From Start to Finish
Food Service
Still having questions about the RFP Process? Come talk to those that have been through the process from beginning to end and learn from the service associates who respond to the proposal requests.

The Bermuda Triangle of Leaves: FMLA, ADA and WC
Human Resources
Confused about FMLA, ADA and Workers Comp? Come learn about these leaves and talk through how they can be intertwined.

Emotional Intelligence vs. IQ
Discussing emotional intelligence and how it affects leadership skills.

What's Hot at the Bargaining Table?
Legal Issues
Hear what topics were raised at the bargaining table during the last 12 months and get your bargaining questions answered.

What's Best for Your District? Outsourcing vs In-House Services
(Transportation, Cleaning services and more)

Maintenance & Operations
What are the benefits of having services in-house versus outsourcing them? Ask your questions on transportation, cleaning services and more.

Architects. What Are They Good For?
Planning & Construction
What does an architect do? Why do you need them on projects? How can they help? Have a conversation with an architect and construction manager on when its the appropriate time to engage an architect for your project.

To Permit or Not to Permit; Architects Answer Your Question
Planning & Construction
Do you know the code requirements of permitting school construction projects? Join architects as they guide you through the permit maze and learn the essentials of the ROE process.

Funding Fun with the Facility County Sales Tax
Principles of School Finance
What projects can be funded with the Facility County Sales Tax (CSFT)? What goods are subject to the tax? Ask these questions and more while hearing success stories from across the more than 75 counties that have voted on the sales tax issue.

Brand New CSBO? Ask Us Anything!
Principles of School Finance
Being a new CSBO can be daunting. Come ask us all the questions you have as you begin your career path.

Legislative Hot Topics and Advocacy
Public Policy
Based on legislative activities in the Fall Veto Session and the Spring General Session, discuss and review legislative hot topics and how to best engage with your local legislators.

Navigating Emergency Purchases
Be prepared for any purchasing situation by discussing legal requirements and best practices when making emergency purchases.

Avoiding Contract Pitfalls
Avoid falling into a legal black hole. Talk through the myriad of components that can arise in contract agreements, everything from construction to purchase of services and more.

Special Education Claims and Reimbursements
Special Education
Do you have Special Education Revenue FOMO? We can help!

Should Your School Build a Microgrid?

Simple questions you can ask to determine if this technology makes dollars and sense at your District.

All Aboard! Ask Anything About School Transportation
Ask questions all your burning questions about busses and other needs your district has in regard to transportation.

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