Speaker Resources

As you prepare for the Conference, please use this page to help guide you along the way. We hope this information will help make your speaking experience smooth and enjoyable. It is you, the speakers, who make Annual Conference a great educational experience for school business officials throughout Illinois.


Due Dates:
Session Details
     January 19, 2024
Presentations       April 5, 2024

Questions? Contact the Illinois ASBO Professional Development Team:

Jennifer Corbin
(815) 762-3490

Oonagh Barrow
(815) 901-7130

Julie Sena
(779) 400-6128


Please have all session details prepared to submit at the PDC Networking Meeting on Friday, January 19, 2024.

This includes: 
- Session Title (8 words max) 
- Descriptive Blurb (65 words max)
- Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) 
- Please identify Facilities tracks


Below is a detailed list of the audio visual equipment that will be provided in the breakout rooms:

- Classroom/Theater Set Up

-Maximum Capacity 50 - 175 (depending on room)

-AV Table with Power

-Projection Screen

-LCD Projector

-Panel Table with wireless handheld microphone

*Presenters must bring their own computer with their presentation already loaded on it.

**Breakout sessions will not have the capability for video or computer audio.

Please note, we cannot guarantee special requests.


- To provide attendees access to session information prior to the Conference, we ask that submit your presentation by Friday, April 5, 2024. Illinois ASBO will post presentations on peer2peer and within the Conference App.

- We ask that you  only use the 2024 Annual Conference template — available HERE.

- All presentations must be of an educational nature, and may not be used to promote products and/or services.

- Any graphics included in the presentation (i.e. charts, graphs, etc.) should be embedded in the PowerPoint file to minimize file size.

- You are responsible for printing any handouts you would like to have available onsite. Please have ample copies, as some attendees are not members and will not have access to peer2peer.


- Please use the 2024 Annual Conference template — available HERE.

- The number of slides in your presentation is not limited but we recommend no more than 20-25 slides for a 60-minute presentation (i.e. one slide per three minutes).

- Additional Formatting Suggestions

- Limit the amount of information on a single slide.

- Create slides to highlight your presentation not to duplicate exactly what you will say.

- Use a large font. Remember, those sitting in the back of the room should still be able to read the slide.

- Avoid red letters, which are difficult for some people to read. The best readability comes from high contrast of intensity rather than by clashing colors.

- Be sure to include your contact information on the last slide of your presentation to allow attendees to contact you with follow-up questions.

- Remember, it's always a good idea to bring a backup copy of your presentation!


All speakers and moderators must check-in at Registration and pick up their name badge and registration packet.

Speakers may enter their session rooms during scheduled breaks to set up and locate an Illinois ASBO staff member or an AV technician for any onsite questions.


- Greet attendees.
- Identify yourself, explain the QR code self-scanning process described below and then introduce the presenter(s).
- Illinois ASBO Moderator Slide
REMINDER – attendees will be self-scanning with an app on their phones.

- Each room will have paper copies of the unique QR code for your session located at the entrance to the room.
- Each QR code is individual to each session and will be changed between sessions.
- Attendees need to scan into each session they attend using the Annual Conference App.
- If attendees enter a session and then change their mind and go into a different sessions, please direct them to scan into the new session.
- Please explain this new process to attendees and be sure that everyone has access to the code. There will be a QR code hanging at the room entrance, and you will also have a copy inside the room.
- If attendees cannot scan the code, please direct them to sign in on the paper sheets attached to a clipboard in each session room.
- Illinois ASBO staff will switch out the QR codes between each session.

- Remind attendees that surveys will be sent electronically and must be completed if they want PD credit. We also value their feedback and use it to improve conference year after year.
- Please remember that attendance should be for professional development and not for competing with other attendees or presenters.
- Please note that if a Service Associate is a presenter and uses the presentation as an arena to "sell" their product or services, the Moderator has the authority to stop the presentation if the presenter refuses to modify the content of their presentation. The Moderator will report such actions to the Executive Director of Illinois ASBO, Michael Jacoby, for follow-up.
- Due to a potential conflict of interest, no Moderator shall moderate a session given by an employee for their own company.
- Moderators are given the authority to ask any attendee to leave if they become combative with presenters.
- Any Service Associate presenter who violates these regulations may be excluded from presenting at future presentations, in addition to loss of membership in the Association.


- Determine the location of your session room in advance. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the AV equipment.

 - Display the presentation title and your name on the first PowerPoint slide so attendees can verify they are in their preferred session.

- Allow time for questions and answers at the end of your presentation.

- Inform attendees of this at the beginning of the presentation and ask they hold all questions until then, unless you have already planned to integrate questions throughout your session.

- Repeat each question from the audience before answering so all attendees can hear the question and benefit from the Q-and-A section.

- Please keep track of the time; you have 60-minutes from the scheduled start time of your presentation to complete your session and answer audience questions.


All speakers are responsible for their lodging accommodations and travel expenses unless otherwise notified by Illinois ASBO. Illinois ASBO has secured discounted room nights in Schaumburg. Get travel and hotel information.