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Wednesday Sessions

8:00am - 9:00am

Never Write Another Check Again! Next Gen Payables

Details coming soon.

The “Broken” State of Health Insurance

Join this session and discuss the current state of the health insurance market and why it appears to be so broken. 

Property Taxes: Why We Do What We Do

This panel presentation will include an attorney highlighting the legal framework for various stages of the property tax cycle, followed by administrators discussing practical considerations for implementing those requirements. Topics will include estimating, adopting and filing a district's levy, assessment appeals and intergovernmental cooperation.

Improving Capital Project Delivery — COVID Market Lessons

COVID exposed many weak links in the supply chain and created opportunities to improve material procurement. When do you wait? When do you change material? Listen to an experienced panel debate the best options for a 2024 HVAC upgrade. The panel will include two directors of B&G, a CSBO and a CM. Learn about planning, early bidding and setting expectations for success and delays.

Expenditures for the Novice

Learn the basics of school expenditures and financial reporting. Review business office operations and the business administrator's role overseeing the expenditure process.

How Will AI Improve/Change School Business Operations

Talk about AI (Artificial Intelligence) is everywhere but how will it change school business operations? Come here experts talk about how they are already using AI in their school operations and how they see the future.

How to Maximize Your Transportation Claim

Join us as we delve into the intricacies of optimizing your transportation claim. In today's dynamic landscape, every dollar counts. Don't miss this opportunity to gain the knowledge and tools needed to secure the compensation you deserve.

Minimizing Fraud by Maximizing Internal Controls

This session will show you how to reduce the risk of fraud by optimizing your internal controls designed for the number of business office staff you have available.

9:10am - 10:10am

GASB Update

There are several new GASB requirements coming soon. Learn all about them and how you can prepare for their impending implementation.

How Would You Handle That? 

Session attendees will explore and discuss solutions to a variety of unique and very real school business scenarios with experienced practitioners who have been there themselves.

Politics in the Classroom… An HR Nightmare?

Explore how a divided political nation impacts public education classrooms. What can your HR team do to keep things dreamy?

What You Wish You Knew Before Your First Negotiations

A conversation walking you through the key components and experiences to prepare for your first time participating in the collective bargaining process.

Revenues for the Novice

In this session, you will learn what are major factors in school revenue, historical trends, short and long-term debit limits, tax levy and other critical factors.

Building a Better Bid Document

We all have a trusted boilerplate that we hold near and dear to our hearts. But… is it "all that?" Come join a panel of seasoned professionals and your peers for this interactive session where we share how we can all build a better bid document!

Update on School-Based Medicaid Revenue Programs and Cost Settlement Model

Illinois has recently introduced significant updates to its Medicaid claiming regulations within the school system. These changes encompass a financial framework that will impact Medicaid reimbursement across all schools in the state. Join us for an insightful session where we'll delve into the intricacies of the Annual Cost Settlement process and explore the diverse Medicaid funding sources. 

Sustainable Design: Procurement and Other Considerations for a Successful Project

This session will discuss key considerations and strategies for a successful sustainable design project. The presentation will address legal issues and procurement methods available to school districts, including the new design-build legislation. Learn more about the various project delivery methods and how they impact healthy and sustainable learning environments.

10:20am - 11:20am

Building A Better Budget Process

How to make better connections with strategic plans and how to better leverage technology with key players in building the budget.

Was That a Microaggression? How to Identify Microaggressions and Have Courageous Conversations When They Occur 

This session focuses on creating awareness surrounding the common occurrences of microaggressions. Participants will explore the outcomes associated with the experience of microaggressions and discover techniques to minimize the occurrence of microaggressions,  as well as ways to respond when they occur in their workspaces.

Hot Topics in K12 Foodservice

It can be overwhelming keeping track of all the changes occurring in the world of K12 foodservice, so let us make it easy for you! Join this session to hear from three self-operated school nutrition directors as they break down the hottest topics in K12 foodservice including updated legislation, community eligibility provision, procurement audits and new funding opportunities.

The New “Plus One” Law and its Impact on Schools

New TRS Supplemental Savings Plan (SSP) was signed into law by Governor Pritzker in 2023, requiring all public schools in Illinois with over 575 certified teachers to add at least one other vendor in addition to Voya Financial to their 457(b) plan. Join industry experts as they discuss this bill and the benefits of providers choice.

Introduction to AI: Unlocking Efficiency at Work

The Introduction to AI session will provide you with a foundational understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and highlight the role of chatbots as AI-powered virtual assistants, capable of handling basic inquiries and providing real-time support.

All Day Kindergarten — What You are Required to Do — What Can you Do?

Join us for a discussion of the pros and cons, as well as opportunities and challenges of all-day kindergarten.

The Truth About Honest Feedback

As school leaders, we have a responsibility to provide honest feedback to those who report to us, yet, we often hold back our opinions because we are afraid of damaging the relationship, we don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings or we simply don’t make the time because of our busy schedules. This interactive session will focus on when – and how – you can do better at providing honest feedback to others.

Transportation: Doing More with Less

In an era of constraints — be it limited manpower, budget, time, or compensation — how can we accomplish our goals? Join us as we explore innovative solutions and strategies to maximize productivity and effectiveness despite resource limitations. 

11:30am - 12:30pm

Communicating Value in Facility Improvements: A Referendum Campaign Primer

As Districts embark on facility planning (or envision a future referendum) the importance of communicating value in facility improvements will be essential to your success. Learn key strategies and tactics — from the business office to the board table — critical to helping your community think beyond taxes and test scores.

The Nuts & Bolts of Pharmacy Contracts

This session will give you the tools to address the key elements of pharmacy contracts and those areas most critical to achieving transparency and PBM cost containment. Download Presentation

Implementing New Laws

Join your colleagues to brainstorm and share your success stories implementing difficult new laws affecting Illinois school districts.

You Can't Make This Up! A Legal Review

Hear from two experienced school lawyers as they discuss the legal highs and lows of the year and get advice on how to respond to the unique legal issues facing your district.

Design Build: Solution with Responsibility

The state has allowed another tool for the delivery of capital projects, Design Build! This process may fit your needs and help to expedite delivery. Design Build carries some unique risks that are different from the traditional design, bid and build format. Listen to an Architect, Construction Manager and Lawyer explain the process and help you evaluate the fit for your needs.

Just Hired as a New CSBO, Now What?

Survival guide for transitions to your new position. Learn what to know and where to get your resources.

Fiscal Crisis to Financial Solvency through Best Practices

The session will take participants through the processes and internal controls that led a large unit school district in Illinois from extreme operating fund balance deficits to large surpluses within a span of six years. The presenters will provide specific strategies utilized to change behaviors related to school finance and further understanding of the repercussions of the mismanagement of resources and their impact on all aspects of the educational organization.

Cybersecurity Trends and Threats

How can you stay ahead of the hackers? What are the latest requirements for insurance coverage? How can I keep my financial and student records safe? Come hear real-world examples and the latest in protection trends.

Thursday Sessions

8:30am — 9:30am

Planning Now for Full Day Kindergarten

Don't have full day kindergarten yet? It takes time and resources! Come learn about preparing for the mandatory implementation of full day kindergarten by FY28!

How Do You Know Your Preventative Maintenance Plan Is Working?

During this session you will hear from industry leaders on what a proper preventive maintenance looks like. How do you put it together? How do you know it is actually working? We will provide real life examples and go over unique day-to-day struggles, including time to answer your specific questions. 

Life of a Cyber Attack from the Eyes of the Superintendent and Tech Director

Discover how to effectively tackle the myriad of challenges that arise when you find yourself cut off from the digital world following a crippling Ransomware attack on your systems. Gain insights into managing the unexpected obstacles that accompany such a crisis and learn valuable strategies for reclaiming control and continuity in your technological landscape.

Opening the Black Box of Special Education

Join a crash course on special education for the CSBO/CFO! Learn what you need to know to maximize revenues, control costs and build stronger relationships with your special ed. department.

1:40pm — 2:40pm

Grant Reporting A to Z

Overwhelmed with all the grant reporting requirements? Join us for the latest updates, best practices and tips when preparing your Grant Expenditure Reports, Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards and Consolidated Year End Financial Reports.

Food Service RFPs: Managing the Process Before & After Selecting a Vendor 

The new food service RFP format presents an exciting opportunity for districts to improve their food service program. But how do you manage the process to get a better program, both before and after you select a vendor? 

TRS & TRS-SSP Update

This session will provide an update on the Teachers' Retirement System of Illinois (TRS): Overview of the state of the System, an update on the TRS Supplement Savings Plan (SSP) and will highlight the Gemini pay period reporting-past, present and future. In this session, you will develop a deeper understanding of your partnership with TRS and how to access the resources available to your district. You will have an opportunity to provide your feedback on what is important to you. Please join us!

Facilities Information Session

Join your peers in mapping the path for future professional development in facilities operations! Gain information on the available courses and opportunities for your growth. Whether you are an 'old timer' or part of the next generation of school facility managers, we can all learn and benefit from each other's experiences!

How to Measure Success: Cleaning, General Maintenance and Indoor Air Quality

This session focuses on today's cleaning standards and how to appropriately account for proper staffing and cleaning expectations. What equipment, technology and staff trainings are available? How can we measure success? How do we set the expectations? All these answers and more!

Learn the Legislative Process in an Interactive Session — Part 1

Learn the bill making process in an interactive session. You will be assigned a role as a legislator and learn how a bill becomes a law. Session 1 of 2.

Internal Controls: From PO to Payments

Purchasing internal controls may not be glamorous, but they are essential for protecting assets and staff. Considerations for districts both small and large will be discussed.

MythBusters for Community Solar & Microgrids

Community solar. Microgrids. EV Busses. You’ve likely heard these topics tossed around while looking into sustainable options for your district. But what do they all mean? How do they work in public schools in Illinois? Join us while we unravel some common myths of these solar allies. 

2:50pm — 3:50pm

The Ins and Outs of Medicaid Claim & PCG Reporting

Are you maximizing the Medicaid money due to your District? In this session, we will review PCG Administrative Claiming — Quarterly Financial Reporting. Learn to navigate the dashboard, review the reimbursement process, entering the data into the system and certifying the quarterly financial reports.

Wisdom from the Ages (Or the Aged)

Come join this enjoyable and fun session to pick up shortcuts, insights and secrets to success and happiness at work and in life. Our panel of seasoned (aka old) experts will share their tips and tricks for finance, operations, sales and life.

Operations 101

This session will demonstrate the indispensable relationship between the Business Office and the Operations Department. Explore how a successful relationship between these two will allow for a better understanding of what role they play in the district, what responsibilities they have and where to look for solutions and answers.

Accessibility: Beyond the Basics — What to Do When Cited for Possible Violations

School districts have been and will be randomly assessed by state or federal agencies, including but not limited to the Illinois Department of Civil Rights, United States Department of Education — Office for Civil Rights (OCR) or a private citizen complaint. Learn the process for evaluating and responding.

Learn the Legislative Process in an Interactive Session — Part 2

Learn the bill making process in an interactive session. You will be assigned a role as a legislator and learn how a bill becomes a law. Session 2 of 2.

Controlling Workers Compensation Through Loss Prevention Practices

Join us to learn how to avoid loss related to employee accidents.

Special Education Funding & IDEA Grant Guidance

Gain insight and understanding of special education finance in an effort to maximize supports and resources for students with special needs. Learn about revenue sources, regulations on special ed spending and reporting and guidance on IDEA Grants.

Getting “Schooled” on Indoor Air Quality: Moving Beyond Basic Considerations to Proactive IAQ Strategies

In this session we touch on the basic principles of indoor air quality before looking forward to focus on concerns around maintenance and monitoring. Removing and reducing pollutants, tips and tools for measurement. Attendees will leave with specific guidance on tools and resources for establishing a district IAQ policy.  

4:00pm — 5:00pm

Controlling the Wild West of pCards and Amazon Purchases

This session will teach you to be the sheriff in the wild west of pcards and Amazon purchases. Come learn how to tackle pCard outlaws with best practices and more!

Funding Clean Energy Projects and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA)

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is the most significant legislation in U.S. history to address climate change, clean energy and sustainability. This session will cover the types of projects that are eligible to receive funding under the IRA and how tax incentives are calculated, as well as examples of how Illinois school districts may benefit from this legislation. We will also cover tax-exempt borrowing alternatives for clean energy projects.

Pop Quiz: Are Your Dollars Being Spent Equitably?

Join this session for a battle of the E (Equity), ensuring equitable spending in your district with a holistic lens. 

Building a Legislative Coalition

Join this session to learn how to build a coalition to move a piece of legislation through the legislative process from inception to implementation.

School Security: What's New?

From weapons detection to bullet-resistant glass, school stakeholders are asking questions. This session will address current topics and provide helpful information. Attendees will also benefit from essential resources.

MOE Money, MOE Problems!

Gain ideas and tools to prepare for and respond to MOE reporting and compliance issues.

Designing Healthy Food Service Environments

Research demonstrates that diet plays a significant role in the prevention of chronic diseases and obesity. Proper nourishment contributes to positive student learning and behavior. Food choices, preparation and presentation involve intentional facility design and operational choices. Learn how cafeterias and kitchen design and operations contribute to healthy eating, zero waste and environmental literacy. 

Friday Sessions

8:00am - 9:00am

What is With These Interest Rates?

Learn what is driving the current interest rate environment and what is projected for the near and long term as you plan future investments and borrowing needs.

Low Cost Energy Solutions Through IEC

Join us to learn about Illinois ASBO member program IEC Powered by Future Green and how it provides member districts access to lower cost energy solutions. We’ll cover the numerous programs sponsored by IEC Powered by Future Green, including Bus2Grid, renewable energy and more!

AI's Use and the Risk to District's Futures

AI can be a great tool when used properly. Unfortunately that is not always the case. Learn about the threats AI presents to school districts and new liability potential that could result from within the district, as well as fraud attempts by outsiders.

9:15am - 10:15am

Debt Strategies for All Districts Under PTELL

School districts have various tools to help manage their total tax levy from year to year. Presenters will explain various debt-related strategies that enable school districts of all kinds to achieve their tax levy goals.

Vision 2030

Vision 2030 launched on October 18, 2023, with enthusiasm from education leaders across the state of Illinois. Designed to create a unified advocacy framework for public education in Illinois, the program brings together IASA, Illinois ASBO and other state partners as one. Attend this session to hear key updates and the outlook for the working group.  

403b Legislation and the Problems It Can Cause You

As the 403b industry continues to improve the service model and the available products, it is vital to understand what issues legislation can create for school business officials. This session will discuss certain pieces of legislation, the importance of financial advisors, as well as what legislation is harmful to teachers and why.

Tier II — Fix it or Figure it Out

Join us to discuss the Tier II pension problem. Explore its timing, severity, potential solutions and costs. While addressing this issue requires significant resources and commitment, inaction could have dire consequences. Don't miss this chance to gain crucial insights.