Message from the President

Dear Colleagues,

Amidst one of the most historic times in our generation, our members and partners have been forced out of our norms and into unchartered waters. I have received an overwhelming number of stories of leadership from across the state engaging in the noble act of supporting students, staff members and entire communities. Our partners are navigating how to protect the well being of their employees, many of which support our school communities both directly and indirectly. With so much on the line, it is reassuring that we have such amazing leadership within our organizations.

Be encouraged to stay connected to IASBO and your fellow colleagues during this time. No one can better relate to the challenges you are facing or have access to the many solutions that may exist to help you lead from your role than someone who is in it.

It is important to share that Illinois ASBO Staff, Board of Directors and Service Associates have remained connected and have been engaging in difficult conversations as an association as well. Of particular importance have been our discussions surrounding our most important connection point with colleagues, the Illinois ASBO Annual Conference scheduled to begin the end of April. After reviewing existing contracts, researching venue options and professional schedules, analyzing the risk of elongation of the statewide shut down, engaging in healthy discourse, and recognizing the value placed on the conference as an opportunity to grow and gather as colleagues, it has been determined that our conference will be rescheduled for November 3rd - 5th in Peoria. This was not an easy decision and it does have an impact on our stakeholders. Let me share that again, it is fully recognized that this change will have an impact on our stakeholders. However, we believe that it safeguards the importance placed on the conference and also creates an amazing opportunity to come together as we all expectantly return to our more normal personal and professional lives after completing summer projects, returning to school and completing our budgets.

In light of all that we have been through, and all that we still have in front of us, our goal is to make this the best conference yet.  To come together as a family and collaborate, network and share what we have just learned is so important.  Be encouraged to make every attempt to attend this year’s rescheduled conference in the beginning of November.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for the leadership that you bring to your organization. Thank you for caring for one another and recognizing during this extraordinary season that we each have the power to make a difference for students, family, employees, friends, family members and our communities by the actions we take right now. Hold tight to the clarity of who you want to be, and be remembered as, in this moment.

Kind regards,

– Dr. Dean Romano
Asst. Supt./Business Services
Geneva CUSD 304