Connect to the Future You at the 2020 Annual Conference

Peoria will be your place for connections — not only with other attendees and exhibitors, but with your own goals for personal and professional growth. Find the clarity you need to get unstuck, refocus and renew your vision, while taking part in the best education and networking in the business.



First-Time School District Attendee Peer Guide Program  

If you are a first-time school district attendee, you have the unique opportunity to be paired with a veteran Illinois ASBO member to help you navigate your first Annual Conference!

Your peer guide will be a resource to provide experienced, first-hand attendee information and assist you in making new connections. They can attend the general sessions with you, suggest ideas for breakout sessions or simply give you a familiar face to chat with at the hospitalities. The level of involvement is up to you!

If you have questions about this program please contact Laura Turnroth at (815) 753-4313.


The Highlight of Each Year 

As look back upon my tenure as a CSBO, the heart and highlight of each year has been the Annual Conference. It began as my initial connection to the profession. Now, I look forward to it as an opportunity to refuel myself with new ideas and build upon what I am experiencing back at the office. It has been and continues to be an anchor for my annual professional life.

– Dr. Dean Romano
Asst. Supt./Business Services
Geneva CUSD 304