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The Illinois ASBO Annual Conference is your one-stop destination for professional development on relevant topics in school business.

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Earn PD Clock Hours

By attending the 2018 Annual Conference, you will have the opportunity to earn up to 9 hours of professional development credit.

You can also earn Administrator Academy Credit by attending one of the pre-conference workshops on Wednesday, May 2.

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There will not be a printed session program.

Your go-to resource for full session and event information will be the Conference App – Available through Guidebook.

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Connect to Sessions that Advance Your Profession

Illinois ASBO professional development committees are working hard to create relevant sessions that cater to your specific needs as a school business professional. Check out the full conference schedule to plan your time and stay tuned this spring for a full session schedule!

Session Listing

Here is a preview of some of the sessions that will be offered (titles subject to change). Watch for a full session schedule soon!

Accounting, Auditing & Reporting
Getting Ready for the New Site Based Reporting Requirements
What You Need to Know about GASB 75 (OPEB) & Future GASBs

Budgeting & Financial Planning
Capital Improvement Budgeting
Evidence-Based Model: The Why, the How & the What Now (Part I)
Healthcare Analytics: Improving Employee Health & Reducing Costs
Health Insurance Cost Management Strategies

Cash Management, Investments & Debt Management
Bond Issuance: The Participants Who Help Make It Happen
Cash Management 101: District Processes & Procedures
Construction Financing
Investments & Maximizing Interest Income
Selling Illinois School Bonds Now & in the Future
Taxpayer Challenges in the Bond Issuance Process
Why Should You Care About Disclosures?

Principles of School Finance
Annual Reporting: Financial & Otherwise
Basics of School Finance: Expenditures
Basics of School Finance: Revenues
Emerging Bond Issues
Evidence-Based Model: The Why, the How & the What Now (Part II)
TIF & Tax Appeals

Special Education: Administration & Finance
IDEA Maintenance of Effort
IDEA Grant Guidance
Maximizing Your Medicaid Revenue
Special Education Funding & Reporting

Food Service
The Importance of Maximizing Commodity Dollars
What to Expect from a Food Service Audit & Procurement Reviews

Risk Management
Protecting Against the Active Assailant
What Happens When Internal Controls Fail

Errors to Avoid in Your Claim
Recruiting & Retaining Quality Transportation Staff

Human Resource Management
Attracting & Retaining Employees Through Creative Compensation & Benefits
Making Sense of Flex Spending, HSA, HRA, & Educating Employees
The Bermuda Triangle of Leaves

Leadership Development
Help! There’s Fire!
Managing Your Boss
Vertical & Horizontal
Team Leadership

Legal Issues
2018 Legal Updates: What You Need to Know
Effective Governmental Agreements
Elimination of Education Tax Rate & Proposed Tax Freeze
Enhancing Fraud Investigations with Forensic Technology
Fundraising Relationships

Public Policy & Intergovernmental Relations
How a Bill Becomes a Law
Political Dynamics During This Election Year
State Legislative Update
State Legislative Update: Assessments, FOIA, Tax Caps & Freezes & Bonds
Strategies & Tactics: TIFs
TRS Update
Using Political Campaign Tactics to Influence Others to Take Action

Maintenance & Operations
Creating Standards & Procedures for Successful Facility Management
Custodial/Maintenance Staffing
Facilities Legislative Update
How Microfiber Changed My Life

Planning & Construction
Construction Bidding: Top Problems & Solutions
Construction Disputes & Solutions
Designing for Equity: Gender Inclusive Facilities
Details of Construction Budgeting
Lead Testing Update: Everything You Need to Know

How to Plan, Implement & Measure Building Systems
Improving Student Performance Through Health & Wellness
Staging Your District for
Financial Incentives

Asset Management, Valuation & Disposal
Collaboration to Create an Effective RFP
We Have to Bid, Now What?

1:1 Financial Impacts & Solutions
How to Leverage Data for Effective Business Decisions
What School Leaders Need to Know About Cyber Security