2019 Education Sessions

The Illinois ASBO Annual Conference is your one-stop destination for professional development on relevant topics in school business. Stay tuned for 2019 breakout session topics.

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Thursday Sessions

7:45am - 8:45am

State Legislative Update

Hear from experienced Illinois Statewide School Management Alliance lobbyists as they discuss legislation that is currently being considered in Springfield and its potential impact on Illinois school districts.

Elimination of Education Tax Rate & Proposed Tax Freeze

Hear about the implications and strategies around the elimination of the education tax rate, the proposed tax freeze and other changes affecting real estate tax revenues.

Collaboration to Create an Effective RFP

Come learn best practices from a panel of experts on choosing your RFP evaluation team and identifying future goals. Topics will include instructional technology, benefit consulting and professional services. View Presentation

Capital Improvement Budgeting

A good capital planning and budget process helps the school district and their communities make smart investments in infrastructure. Discover how to create and implement a capital improvement plan for your district. View Presentation

Taxpayer Challenges in the Bond Issuance Process

Taxpayers can challenge school districts on multiple fronts during the bond issuance process. This presentation will highlight best practices for addressing such complications, including Open Meetings Act, referenda and petition implications, as well as property tax implications such as tax levies and rates and disclosures regarding assessment disputes and settlements. View Presentation

Annual Reporting: Financial & Otherwise

Discover the basics of required annual reporting including audits, single audits, grants and other financial filings. View Presentation

How to Plan, Implement & Measure Building Systems

Learn how to plan your facility improvements to maximize access to grants and incentives as well as how to implement and measure system performance. View Presentation

Facilities Forum

Outline of all professional development goals and objectives for operations.

9:00am - 10:00am

The Importance of Maximizing Commodity Dollars

Commodity dollars are important for contracted and self-op districts. Find out how to make your commodity dollars work for you. View Presentation

Construction Financing

Financing capital projects requires careful planning and coordination among many different participants. Walk through the various stages of construction finance from beginning to end, including topics such as community engagement, construction timeline, borrowing options, the bond sale and investment of bond proceeds. View Presentation

2018 Legal Updates: What You Need to Know

What recent developments in school law should be on your radar today? Two highly regarded attorneys in the practice of education law will share their wit and wisdom in a session that will be both entertaining and informative.

How a Bill Becomes a Law

Attendees review the legislative process in Springfield and will participate in a lively legislative debate and discussion.

Special Education Funding & Reporting

Gain an understanding of the sources of special education funding, along with timelines and the process for reimbursement. View Presentation

TIF & Tax Appeals

Join veteran CSBOs and a property tax lawyer for a discussion on practical steps to take when presented with a TIF district within your community. Learn what to do to prepare for the joint review board meeting and what to negotiate in a revenue sharing agreement with the municipality. View Presentation

What You Need to Know about GASB 75 (OPEB) & Future GASBs

Has your auditor been talking about GASB 74 & 75? Are the actuaries asking you questions and requesting data that they haven’t in the past? There is a reason. GASB Statements 74 & 75 have been finalized and apply to OPEB. These changes impact the manner in which OPEBs are valued and accounted for. Come hear how about changes already in place and others coming in the near future. View Presentation

Designing for Equity: Gender Inclusive Facilities

Gender-neutral restrooms and locker rooms can help create safer, equitable schools. Examine key issues surrounding implementing these facilities and discuss how districts can embrace such forward-thinking trends to create inclusive learning environments. We will look at cases that address these issues and other considerations that disctricts must acknowledge. View Presentation

1:30pm - 2:30pm

Managing Your Boss

Wondering how to make sure your boss is successful? Attend this dynamic session to learn how to support and manage your boss. View Presentation

Strategies & Tactics: TIFs

As our local officials continue to utilize existing legislative tools, such as TIFs, to incentivize economic development, come hear seasoned professionals discuss ways to work with local officials to support economic development efforts or challenge concerns about qualifying proposed developments. Join us for an interactive conversation about working with your local legislators on proposed economic development in your school district. View Presentation

Protecting Against the Active Assailant

What steps can you take to prevent the unimaginable? Learn how to improve your protection effectiveness and emergency preparedness. View Presentation

Making Sense of Flex Spending, HSAs & HRAs

Attendees will learn to define these tax advantaged benefit plans and how they can use them in their benefit strategies. View Presentation

IDEA Grant Guidance

Boost your knowledge on writing, managing and expending your Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Grant. Improve our grasp on IDEA timelines, submittals, budgeting, allowable expenditures, amendments, audits and more. View Presentation

Cash Management 101: District Processes & Procedures

Receive an overview of the various cash management tools that can improve the business office’s efficiencies and controls regarding day to day cash handling, payments and reporting. View Presentation

Basics of School Finance: Revenues

Learn about local revenue, the property tax cycle and the ins and outs of the tax levy. We will also cover the new Evidence Based Model and federal grants. View Presentation

How Microfiber Changed My Life

Learn the benefits of microfiber and examine the differences between traditional tools and methods and microfiber cleaning systems. View Presentation

2:40pm - 3:40pm

Enhancing Fraud Investigations with Forensic Technology

School Districts encounter fraud risks and other misconduct issues that may require the assistance of forensic technology experts to investigate and evaluate. Learn how combining traditional investigative skills with forensic expertise can better assist a district in preventing, detecting and investigating misconduct allegations. View Presentation

Utilizing Political Campaign Tactics to Influence Action

Participants will discuss basic concepts used in advocacy, organization and political campaigns that can be applied in a variety of day-to-day situations that cause us to address controversial issues. The focus of this interactive session is on developing a strategy chart, utilizing a message box to frame issues in oppositional situations and holding structured face-to-face conversations that influence others to take action. View Presentation

Recruiting & Retaining Quality Transportation Staff

Join a panel discussion on strategies of recruiting and retaining school bus drivers, mechanics and other transportation staff. View Presentation

How to Leverage Data for Effective Business Decisions

Learn how to utilize your data to make quick and effective decisions that have a positive impact all key stakeholders.

Bond Issuance: The Participants Who Help Make It Happen

Join an informative discussion of the most common participants involved in your bond issuance and the roles they play in achieving your financing needs. View Presentation / View Glossary of Terms

New Site Based Reporting Requirements

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) stipulates that not only district finances, but also certain school finances must appear on state report cards. ISBE has set forth guidelines for all school districts to implement site-based expenditure reporting for FY18-19. Learn what your district needs to know about reporting guidance as well as how to start preparing for it. View Presentation

Basics of School Finance: Expenditures

Review business office operations and the business administrator's role in managing cash, meeting budgeting responsibilities, purchasing, state financial reporting and overseeing the expenditure process. View Presentation

Everyone Can Afford Student Safety

Student and staff safety is non-negotiable and needs to be a top priority for every facility. Come learn how to consider student safety in your planning and construction process. View Presentation

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Navigating Residency Laws

Is your school district protecting taxpayer dollars by complying with residency laws? Join a discussion on student residency laws and learn what you should be doing. View Presentation

Legislative Update: Assessments, FOIA, Tax Caps & Freezes & Bonds

Two attorneys discuss legislation being considered in Springfield and what that could mean for your school district. View Presentation

Asset Management, Valuation & Disposal

Come learn best practices for the acquisition, management and disposal of district assets, accounting for cost and practicality of the various methods available. View Presentation

Creating Standards & Procedures for Successful Facility Management

Join a best practice discussion on the power that standards and procedures have in creating a consistent facility management process. Having a clear message will set you up for a successful relationship with vendors, staff, fellow administrators and your school board. View Presentation

Friday Sessions

7:00am - 8:00am

What Happens When Internal Controls Fail

Attendees will learn what internal controls are and what happens when they fail through the analysis of fraud case studies. Attendees will also receive valuable insights into best practices for assessing and monitoring internal controls within their organizations.

Healthcare Analytics: Improving Employee Health & Reducing Costs

What data do you need in order to design an employee benefit package that enhances employee health & reduces costs? Learn how to leverage data and build strategies that impact your costs and quality of benefits while providing transparency to all stakeholders involved in your decisions. View Presentation

Custodial/Maintenance Staffing

Does your district have the correct amount of staffing to provide clean, healthy learning environments for your students, staff and visitors? Learn about standards, expectations and whether you have enough staff to obtain your goals.

Lead Testing Update: Everything You Need to Know

Lead testing is here to stay. Learn about recent developments from the legal, technical and school district perspectives. View Presentation

8:10am - 9:10am

Effective Governmental Agreements

School districts achieve greater efficiencies by cooperating with other units of government to provide shared services. Hear some of the practical and legal issues involved in enhancing and successfully implementing intergovernmental agreements with school districts, park districts, counties and other units. View Presentation

Maximizing Your Medicaid Revenue

The U.S. Government has funds your district is entitled to access. Learn how to stay compliant and prepared for an audit, maximize your districts Medicaide revenue and educate your staff in best compliance practices. View Presentation

Construction Bidding: Top Problems & Solutions

Learn about common problems and practical solutions for issues that arise during construction projects. View Presentation

The Bermuda Triangle of Leaves

Attendees will learn about The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), ADA and Workers Compensation, how to successfully navigate through these and avoid the top mistakes and missteps that can occur. View Presentation

Investments & Maximizing Interest Income

Learn how to determine your investment horizon and allowable investments to maximize interest income. View Presentation

Emerging Bond Issues

Get a detailed review of current market conditions, the impact of federal income tax reform, financing and refinancing strategies and opportunities for districts in the current market, including substitute financing structures for now-prohibited advance refundings. View Presentation

What to Expect from a Food Service Audit & Procurement Reviews

Are you a target for an ISBE nutrition audit or procurement review? Learn how to prepare for a food service audit or procurement review. View Presentation

Will I Get My TRS Pension?

What will be the impact of the new Tier 3 pension plan for new hires? What about current Tier 2 and Tier 1 members? What proposed changes are on the table? What court decisions have impacted or could impact our TRS pensions? Attendees will find the answers here. View Presentation

10:30am - 11:30am

Three Big Items That Every CSBO Must Deal With in Their Careers

1. The “attacking board member”.
2. The incompetent team member .
3. Identifying new areas for reductions away from the classroom.

Hear speaker experiences with “the BIG THREE” and more from their years of experience as School Business Officials. During this session, they will share things that they and other business managers have learned along the way as well as some strategies to use when dealing with controversial items. View Presentation

IDEA Maintenance of Effort

Maintenance of Effort (MOE) refers to the responsibility of the Local Education Agency to maintain the same level of expenditures for the education of children with disabilities from one fiscal year to the next. participants will learn the financial reporting requirements of MOE. View Presentation

Facilities Legislative Update

Come hear the latest on topics impacting your facilities such as lead in water, CO2, transgender laws as well as new legislative issues.

What School Leaders Need to Know About Cyber Security (Part I)

Receive an overview of IT security trends and events that all school districts face. Dive into the rise in security breaches, security risks in mobile devices, social media and cloud computers and actions to take to mitigate security risks and protect student and staff data. View Presentation

Improving Student Performance Through Health & Wellness

Promote Student and staff wellness through good nutrition, physical activity, facility design and operational decisions. View Presentation

Evidence-Based Model: The Why, the How & the What Now (Part I)

This session will cover the rationale behind the Evidence Based Model, how the Adequacy Target and Local Resources are calculated for a district and what the next steps are for districts in each tier.  View Presentation | View Glossary of Terms | View Definitions

Selling Illinois School Bonds Now & in the Future

Join a discussion of current bond sale methods and potential for future improvements, including involvement and regulation of underwriters and municiple advisors, the difference between negotiated, competitive and private placement bond sales, use of technology and more. View Presentation

Political Dynamics During This Election Year

The Illinois government stands poised for important changes in 2018. In our bicentennial year, we are deeply in debt, face multiple policy crises and face a political landscape that is highly fractured and contentious both between and within the two major parties. In this session, we will take stock of the current political and policy situation in the state and look forward to the 2018 general election and beyond. View Presentation

11:40am - 12:40pm

Construction Disputes & Solutions

Disputes can occur before, during and after your construction process. Come learn about the types of disputes you may face and practical solutions to alleviate them. View Presentation

Attracting & Retaining Employees Through Creative Compensation & Benefits

Learn about how to attract and retain employees through creative compensation programs using insurance, 403(b)/457(b) plans and more. View Presentation

Energy Efficiency Incentives for Illinois K-12 Public Schools

Review energy efficiency incentives for K-12 Public Schools from Com Ed, Nicor, Ameren and North Shore Gas. We will also describe other potential sources of energy efficiency incentives for your electric and gas projects in your buildings. View Presentation

What School Leaders Need to Know About Cyber Security (Part II)

What are school district leaders doing to mitigate technology risks? Hear about real-world experience in techonology security including: PCI compliance, unrestricted areas of vulnerability, penetration testing, policy creation and strategic planning. View Presentation

We Have to Bid, Now What?

Participants will be guided through the bidding process, starting from the initial decision to go out to bid, creating bid specifications, evaluation of bids and recommendations for award. Attendees will also learn how to deal with bid challenges. View Presentation

Evidence-Based Model: The Why, the How & the What Now (Part II)

Part two of this session will continue to cover the rationale behind the Evidence Based Model, how the Adequacy Target and Local Resources are calculated for a district and what the next steps are for districts in each tier. View Presentation | View Glossary of Terms | View Definitions

Why Should You Care About Disclosures?

Regulatory developments, such as SEC enforcement actions, are changing the landscape of municipal bond finance. Learn how such developments are impacting school district borrowing so that you can better navigate the debt issuance process. View Presentation

Help! There’s Fire!

How would your district handle a fire in a school 1 month before students return? How would you lead your district to replace assets, assess loss and begin restorations? Come learn from the team that put Roselle SD 12 back together this summer! View Presentation

2:00pm - 3:00pm

1:1 Financial Impacts & Solutions

Do you have questions about 1:1? Come get your questions answered and learn about the financial impact that 1:1 can have on a district. Discussions will cover insurance, leasing, budget impacts, student fees and much more.

Financial Well Being: No Longer a Trend, But a Reality

Financial well being has more to do with feeling financially secure than making a lot of money. Learn how to provide financial education to your staff so they make wiser benefit decisions for today and the future.

Can Efficiency Programs Equal Big Energy Savings For Your District?

Learn which way energy prices are headed, the financial impact on your district’s budget for 2018 through 2022 and acquire information about the financial incentives being offered in the energy market targeted at Illinois public school districts. View Presentation

Health Insurance Cost Management Strategies

Learn the basics in managing the cost of healthcare insurance. This session will provide you with the basic framework of fully insured, self-funded and cooperative solutions. You will understand the key differences between each approach and potential risk to your district. View Presentation

Delegate Advisory Assembly: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Find out what the DAA is and what it does for Illinois ASBO. If you always thought there should be a specific law in the State of Illinois, then this is the place to discuss those ideas. View Presentation

3:10pm - 4:40pm Advocacy Alert Hot Topic Session

Ralph Martire - Executive Director, Center for Tax and Budget Accountability

Leave the Conference with a perspective on Illinois' fiscal policy and issues that are already impacting school budgets or may have implications for the future. View Presentation