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Wednesday Sessions

8:00am - 9:00am

Outsourcing: Legal Issues to Know

Looking to outsource? Come and learn what issues you need to be aware of when outsourcing district services such as transportation and food service. View session presentation HERE.

Legislative Update from the School Management Alliance

Hear from the School Management Alliance about bills being considered in Springfield which will impact school districts. View session presentation HERE.

Bidding Processes & Procedures: Best Practices in a Changing Environment

Public school bidding requirements have remained constant over the years, but recent efforts have sought to provide greater flexibility when awarding contracts. Come examine the current state of the law and gain creative alternatives that will allow you to best meet your district's needs. View session presentation HERE.

Dealing with Supply Chain Issues & Frustrations

Seemining every day school districts are experiencing new supply chain issues, whether it is food for the cafeteria or construction supplies in the middle of a capital project. Join a panel of experts as they discuss how to best avoid the pitfalls of supply chain issues and how to alleviate the frustrations of these shortages. View session presentation HERE.

Cybersecurity Insurance & Technology Basics: Part One

Join an interactive session to review the essentials of cybersecurity from a CTO and insurance carrier perspective. Discuss required technology, insurance options and trends and real examples of how districts are navigating this critical area. Make sure your district is prepared and protected! View session presentation HERE.

Back to the Future: Maintaining Healthy Schools Beyond COVID-19

Build on the best practices we've learned through the pandemic to create learning environments that promote student and staff well-being through indoor air quality, acoustics, lighting, movement and cognitive functioning. View session presentation HERE.

Fund Balance Responsibility

What considerations should be accounted for when creating the district's fund balance? Join a discussion with experienced professionals on fund balance responsibility. View session presentation HERE.

Washington's Impact on the Municipal Bond Market

Learn about how the municipal bond market has been impacted by the numerous bills that Congress has contemplated over the last several months. View session presentation HERE.

9:10am - 10:10am
Essentials of Effective Facility and Risk Management

Save your facility valuable downtime by identifying opportunities to restore properties back to their original condition rather than financing a costly tear-out. Learn essentials such as why documentation is so important, the difference between clean, grey and black water, understanding when to replace carpet and how to stop mold before it starts. View session presentation HERE.

Employee Investigations

Investigating an employee? Learn the ins and outs of employee investigation and gain tips to best handle investigations within your school district. View session presentation HERE.

LGBTQ+ Case Law & Current Issues

Hear from a practicing administrator and his attorney about the district's LGBTQ+ case and how the judge ruled. Learn about new LGBTQ+ issues and cases at the forefront. Learn what you need to know when handling cases in your district. 

Challenges in Implementing Legislation

Join an interactive session to discuss the challenges and workarounds in living with new laws. View session presentation HERE.

Cybersecurity Insurance & Technology Basics: Part Two

Join two CTOs as they discuss what business managers need to know about cybersecurity best practices and procedures to help minimize risk to their school and district operations. View session presentation HERE.

GASB Update

As a result of the challenges over the past few years, districts will need to focus on several key areas of accounting and financial reporting in 2022. Hear GASB experts discuss the impacts on districts in 2022 and provide recommendations for implementation for future relevant standards. View session presentation HERE and Excel file HERE.

Issues Impacting the Financing Market

Get a detailed review of current market conditions, financing and refinancing strategies and other opportunities for districts in the current market. Hear about refunding Build America bonds and other issues relevant to refundings or project financings in the short term. View session presentation HERE.

Understanding Your Audience

Want to help improve the teamwork and productivity in your workplace? Join a discussion on how to communicate effectively with different personality types. View session presentation HERE.

10:20am - 11:20am

Managing the Design & Construction Supply Chain

With the changing world of supply chain issues, get an update on the current status and techniques to manage the supply chain in design and construction projects. View session presentation HERE.

Returning from Remote: Revelations on Working in a New Environment

Being back to work in person has brought new revelations. Did we undervalue our personal lives pre-pandemic? Did we take for granted the spontaneous interactions in the office? How has this impacted your staff and the relationships you have with them? Come learn from our panel how to be an effective leader and manage work and life balance in the new environment we now live in.

Contracts and Conflicts: How Did We Get Here & Where are We Going?

The pandemic has impacted society in more ways than just healthcare. Gain strategies to address issues and best practices for protecting against future challenges that impact school districts. View session presentation HERE.

Breaking the Mold: Communicating Value, Not Cost in Building Programs

Twenty years after a major building program that went bad, CHSD 99 sought a different approach to redefine success. Learn how the district delivered enhanced value for all stakeholders and communicated that success during a three-year building program that delivered more scope than promised to voters. View session presentation HERE.

Accounting for Construction Projects

Learn the ins and outs for every step of your construction projects from planning to accounting and reporting. View session presentation HERE.

Lessons Learned from Construction Projects

Do you know what to watch for when executing a construction project? Gain some insights from an architect, construction manager, business managers as well as a legal perspective. View session presentation HERE.

After the Bonds are Issued: Now What?

A school district's responsibility to record-keep and report financials extends beyond closing a bond issue. Come learn exactly what you need to do to comply with the relevant state tax and securities laws. View session presentation HERE.

The Road to Green: Reconciling Limited Resources with Sustainable Objectives

Create your roadmap to achieve your energy conservation goals utilizing newly funded energy incentives for K-12 schools, from solar to electric vehicles. View session presentation HERE.

1:30pm - 2:30pm

MOE Money, MOE Problems!

Gain ideas and tools to prepare for and respond to MOE reporting and compliance issues. View session presentation HERE.

The Future of Energy

Representatives from two IASBO created energy consortiums will discuss how they will approach developing energy purchasing options and solar projects for member districts and their vision to be working together in FY23. View session presentation HERE.

Recruiting, Retaining & Sustaining Your Staff

School districts in Illinois, particularly those in Southern, Central and Western Illinois, have been faced with many daunting staffing issues these past two years, and the next several promise more of the same. A panel of school leaders will share their efforts to recruit, retain and sustain staff in these unprecedented times. Come ready to share your ideas to build an idea bank of staffing strategies for this year and beyond. View session presentation HERE.

Rolling With the Punches

Do you have punches coming at you from every direction? Board meetings getting negative? Social media becoming overwhelming? Caught in a political battle that you can't win? Bring your issues to discuss with our expert panel and see how they would handle, or are handling, these situations.

Friday Sessions

8:00am - 9:00am

New IASBO Partner Spotlight: Beyond Benefits with American Fidelity

American Fidelity is a brand-new affinity partner with Illinois ASBO. This session will introduce members to the partnership, but more importantly to the types of services American Fidelity can offer. The model of service is flexible and doesn’t require a district to change everything they are doing currently. New hire enrollments? They have it covered. Payroll upload file to eliminate manual entries? No sweat. Section 125 administration? Send it their way. A district’s needs don’t disappear after enrollment, and neither does American Fidelity. View session presentation HERE.

TRS Supplemental Savings Plan

Wondering why there is a new 457(b) plan and what you need to do? Join a representative from TRS as well as a legal advisor to get some perspective on this new plan for employees.

Budgeting Basics

Join us to learn what you need to do when budgeting your revenues, expenditures and transfers. View session presentation HERE.

9:15am - 10:15am
Cooperative Purchasing: Are You Doing it Right?

Help your district use cooperative purchasing more effectively, saving time and money! Get answers to your tough questions: Where do I start? Does a contract meet our expectations? Are we getting the best deal? And more! View session presentation HERE.

The Benefits of Benefits

What are employees looking for in the current market? Learn about building benefit plans that help attract and retain 21st century educators. View session presentation HERE.

Money Management in a Volatile Rate Environment

Explore your different investment options during a historically low rate environment. View session presentation HERE.

Legislative Update from Lawyers

Get insights from a legal perspective on bills being considered in Springfield which will impact school districts. View session presentation HERE.

Thursday Sessions

8:00am — 9:00am

Facilities Information Session

Come join your peers in mapping the path for future professional development in facilities operations. Gain information on the available courses and opportunities for your growth. Whether you are an old timer or part of the next generation of school facility managers, we can all learn and benefit from each other's experiences! View session presentation HERE.

SOPPA: Lessons Learned in the First Year of Implementation

After a year of trial and error, learn what works and what does not in complying with the amendments to the Student Online Personal Protection Act, which took effect on July 1, 2021. View session presentation HERE.

The REAL Impact of TRS Tier II for Employees & CSBOs

TRS Tier II member pension benefits are different than Tier I, but did you know that TRS Tier II members will not have access to the Teachers’ Retirement Insurance Program (TRIP) until they have at least 8 years of TRS service and are drawing their TRS pension?  Learn how to educate your Tier II employees about retiree health insurance, retirement savings and student loan forgiveness. Understand how these things will impact collective bargaining in the future. View session presentation HERE.

Managing a Capital Improvement Program

Learn from a program manager and a school official on how to choose the right delivery method, structure your team and manage a capital improvement program from planning to project close out. View session presentation HERE.

Basics of School Finance: Revenues

Learn about local revenue, the property tax cycle and the ins and outs of the tax levy. Plus, hear an overview of the Evidence-Based Funding Formula and federal grants. View session presentation HERE.

Investments 101

Come and gain a baseline understanding of the laws and best practices for cash and investment program management for CSBOs and support staff. View session presentation HERE.

Manager vs. Leader: Two Different Titles?

Do you use the words manager and leader interchangeably? These two words are not synonyms! Come and create a picture of the skill sets, roles and responsibilities for each title. View session presentation HERE.

9:10am — 10:10am

Smarter Remediation Planning in lieu of Reactive Maintenance

Review case studies of current challenges and gain innovative solutions to old problems. Join a best practice exchange and gain a template for building a strategic infrastructure plan with your board. View session presentation HERE.

Lessons Learned: Recruiting, Hiring & Retention

Where did all the people go? Hear about strategies for recruiting, hiring and retaining in the toughest job market of the 21st century. View session presentation HERE.

Doing More with Less: Transportation Limitations & Solutions

How do we get it all done with less people, dollars, time and compensation? Join a critical conversation regarding challenges in transportation in this roundtable session. Be prepared to share your challenges and successes with others facing the same limitations, and walk away with solutions.

Property Tax Refund Recapture & Other Tax Related Law

Come hear the latest on the property tax refund recapture law implementation as well as updates on other laws as they relate to property tax levies and collections. View session presentation HERE.

Federal Grant Expenditure Reporting

What are the best practices for preparing for grant expenditure reports? Have you wondered if you are filling out the grant expenditures wrong? Come and learn all you need to know to successfully complete your reporting. View session presentation HERE.

Basics of School Finance: Expenditures

Review business office operations and the business administrator's role in managing cash, meeting budgeting responsibilities, purchasing, state financial reporting and overseeing the expenditure process – including ESSA requirements. View session presentation HERE.

The Changing Face of School Security

From the pandemic to social media challenges, school security concerns continue to rise. Join the discussion as we address the most current topics including school culture and the involvement of students. Helpful resources will be provided. View session presentation HERE.

Avoiding Communication Dumpster Fires

A CSBO needs to successfully deliver their message to a variety of stakeholders: the community, the school board and internally with district personnel. Join us as we discuss communication strategies around current dumpster fires such as transportation, sub shortages and others. View session presentation HERE.

10:20am — 11:20am

Carpeting Your Educational Facilities: Key Factors in Flooring Performance

Fiber choice, construction and proper routine maintenance are just some of the factors to consider when selecting products, designing the layout and maintaining the best soft surface flooring for your schools. Learn the benefits of carpet and why it continues to be a great choice to enrich your learning spaces. View session presentation HERE.

Opening the Black Box of Special Education

Join a crash course on special education for the CSBO/CFO! Learn what you need to know to maximize revenues, control costs and build stronger relationships with your special education department. View session presentation HERE.

Financial Reporting Transparency with Your Board & Community

Find out what you should be looking for and gain an understanding of both your audited financial reports and your monthly financial reports. View session presentation HERE.

The Changing Landscape of Food Service Bidding

Recent developments on HB 4813 (formerly HB 1782) could lead to the use of a waiver system for school districts in order to avoid the low bid process for food service. Prepare now by learning how to complete a waiver as well as how to best use an evaluation matrix tool that meets USDA requirements and benefits our students! View session presentation HERE.

You Can't Make This Stuff Up: Legal Issues in School Districts

Hear two experienced school lawyers discuss the legal highs and lows of the year and get advice on how to respond to all things legal in your district.

Legislative Impact on School Finance

Learn how legislation will impact everything from formulas to EBF to Site-Based Reporting.

Building Your Brand

Do you have good news or updates to share with your community? Come and discuss the benefits of building your brand through effective communication about upgrades in your district. View Session Presentation HERE.

How to Maximize your Transportation Claim

Every dollar counts. What could you be claiming that you are not? View Session Presentation HERE.

2:30pm — 3:30pm

Educating the Board to Act on Construction Claims

Join a panel discussion on strategies to educate and prepare the school board to act on construction claims. Gain a roadmap that will prepare your board to act decisively on claims and other matters, leading to favorable results. View session presentation HERE.

Opening the Black Box of Special Education Part Two: Staffing, Caseload & Workload

Continue the conversation on what every CSBO/CFO needs to know about special education, focusing on staffing, caseload and workload. Dive deeper into special education staffing to maximize resources and supports for students. View session presentation HERE.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Join an important conversation about DEI and how it impacts your school district.

Outdoor Learning Environments

Learn the benefits and techniques of incorporating nature into outdoor learning environments. Get insights from gase studies of local outdoor learning spaces. View session presentation HERE.